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May 2, 2016
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If you are looking for a great snow holiday, look no further than Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With the charm of the Wild West and a variety of activities it is one of the top winter destinations in the world. Here are the activities I recommend for travelling to this luxury destination.

– #1 Hit the Slopes –

Take your pick of three mountain resorts – Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee or Snow King! My pick was Jackson Hole Mountain Resort but be wary as it’s not one for beginners! With 50% expert runs and only 10% beginner terrain, not to mention a 4139 foot vertical drop and top elevation of 10,450 feet JH is not for the faint-hearted. With 2,500 acres of in-bound terrain and 133 runs there is plenty to choose from and plenty to challenge your ability and snowboarders don’t fear, 100% access.

While you’re there make sure you get the tram to the top to try out the waffles at 10,000 feet elevation and then if you have the courage make your way down the mountain to keep you on your toes. If you’re an expert skier make sure you give Corbet’s Couloir a try – one of the most well-known expert ski runs in the world. I saw the treacherous rocks on the way up in the tram and let me just say it’s not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced!

Not to mention that on April Fools day (the second last day of the season – everyone dresses up for fun on the slopes! We decided to do it a few days early, but hey there’s always space on the mountain for a few animal onesies! “I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did!”




#2 Go Backcountry Snowshoeing –

Jackson Hole is known for it’s beautiful and picturesque scenery. Go exploring and buy some snowshoes to help you trek through the snow. The fauna is breath-taking, the hiking is quite vigorous and the snow shoes prevent you from sinking knee deep into the snow (as we discovered first hand when not wearing them) but be careful, we still managed to fall a few times. HINT: you can’t walk backwards!



#3 Wake up early and hike to observe a Sunrise hit the Mountain tops –

Can I just firstly say I’m generally not a morning person but on a snow sports trip I always turn into one as it allowed you to make the most of every day you are there. One of the highlights of my trips was one clear morning where we hiked to the top of an elevated hill to wait for the sun to rise. It took a while for the sun to peak out over the mountains and turn the snow into what looked like sparkling diamonds but before that moment we watched as every mountain top surrounding us was bathed in a soft orange glow. Definitely a sight I won’t forget.




#4 Spend a night out at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar –

If there is only one place you get to explore in the Teton Village, make sure you hit the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar! Take a step back in time to how the Wild West once was – from the decor, to the cowboy locals and saddle barstools this place has it’s own unique flair and fun. Grab a cowboy hat and boots and head to this place that will make you feel like you have stepped back in to the Wild West.




#5 Sleigh Ride and Cowboy BBQ –

Take a sleigh ride through the rustic Wyoming landscape. We chose the Mill Iron Ranch to take our sleigh ride. Why? To get a truly authentic western experience! After enjoying the pleasant scenery in our sleigh ride where we saw wildlife such as elk and mules – we got to relax with a Western-style BBQ, set in a lodge style dining room with impressive taxidermy – not to mention hot chocolates on arrival, need I say more!




#6 Jacuzzi under the stars –

Finish the day on the slopes with a jacuzzi under the stars. Always what I recommend to relax your muscles and calm your mind. If you get a clear day the stars are unlike anything you will view from the city. Viewing them whilst relaxing in an outdoor jacuzzi surrounding by snow is the cherry on the cake. If you’re feeling courageous and the jacuzzi gets too hot for you, take a dive in the snow before returning – it’s quite a shock and a half!


#7 Search for the Jackson Hole wildlife or let it find you –

Jackson Hole is abundant in wildlife. It is one of the few places in the US which is 97% is federally owned or state managed, which means only 3% is privately owned. That means that Jackson Hole is predominantly a wildlife reserve, situated near Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. From elk to moose to foxes, coyotes and bison – there is always something to see. We even had this inquisitive moose walk right up to our house to say hi! Jackson is known for it’s surprises when it comes to animals.




#8 Check out Yellowstone National Park –

Yellowstone National Park is quiet during Winter, a majority of it is closed until it reopens in May. However this doesn’t mean the drive isn’t worth it. With minimal traffic, and beautiful landscape expanse we truly enjoyed discovering Yellowstone in it’s Winter glory. Next time we are definitely bringing our snow shoes and exploring the wilderness! It’s known for it’s grizzlies though, so watch out.




#9  Shop in Teton Village – 

Known as a cowboy town, Jackson Hole is a fun place to shop! From replica sheriff badges to cowboy hats – it’s worth shopping around to find some authentic western clothes or some souvenirs to take home with you!


#10 Take a photo with the Antler Arches in the Town Square –

One of the most magical parts of Jackson Hole is the Antler Arches, which are symbolic of the town itself. The arches are built with elk antlers and represent the old west, wildlife and natural beauty. They are built from antlers collected from the Elk Refuge by the boy scouts each year and there’s an auction which takes place as part of their fundraising. The elk naturally shed the antlers each year. Such a beautiful symbol of art and beauty, that you shouldn’t miss taking a photo.



Happy travelling

Until next time,

Elise Natalie xoxo


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