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Raiwasa Resort is one of the most exclusive and luxurious places I have had the pleasure of staying. Fiji Airways has a direct flight from Los Angeles to Nadi Island (the international airport), which was perfect for us. The team spent a few days in Nadi and then transferred to Taveuni Island via a quick one hour flight. Raiwasa Resort is only a few minutes drive from the Taveuni airport. You can also get there by private plane or helicopter. On arrival to the resort, the ocean views completely took my breathe away. To sum it up in a sentence, the experiences I had there were genuine and unique and the service is unrivaled. It was simply a magical stay filled with many surprises.

Photo: Global Child TV

The purpose of my stay in Fiji was to co-host an episode of Global Child TV with Augusto Valverde. It was an incredible experience and we were so thankful we spent time at Raiwasa Resort, as it truly felt like a home away from home.

Photo: Global Child TV

The Arrival Ceremony

Upon arrival you are lei’d, led down a garden walkway, handed a bamboo shoot with a yummy fruity drink creation and welcomed with a Fijian song. Then, whisked away by the staff for a tour, you are greeted with a resplendent 180 degree view of the South Pacific Ocean. Every moment on arrival left me in a state of awe.

It was so special to be greeted by 12 staff members at Raiwasa. The staff are the very people that made me enjoy every single moment of my stay there as extraordinary as it was. They would greet us after our activities each day with a cold water and a towel,  create fantastic meals that were catered completely to us and didn’t leave one of my requests unanswered. One night we were even serenaded with one of the staff members beautiful voice and guitar skills (Thank you Bogi). Each staff member left such an impression on me and is what made the service unrivaled to any other place I have stayed.

The Accommodation

Raiwasa is a completely private property on three acres filled with a multitude of every type of plant you can image. The villa itself has two king bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has gorgeous ocean views while the other looks across the numerous palm trees and the beautiful garden. They are both complete with their own ensuite complete with a honeymoon bath and what we liked to call “sexy showers” – beautiful outdoor honeymoon showers with floor to ceiling mirrors. The living room looks out onto the outside dining area and they both share the wondrous 180 degree ocean and garden view.

I loved the pool and the beach areas as they felt like their own sanctuary and were perfect for relaxing and reading a book. The pool had its own covered lounge area and sunbeds with views of the infinity pool and a cabana was placed on the sand of the private beach, a short walk down the stairs from the villa.

Ill leave the rest to your imagination but to be in such a place of tranquility was truly amazing.

The Endless Adventures and Cultural Experiences

I never expected one small island in Fiji to have so many adventures! You could spend 7 to 10 days here easily with the amount of activities Raiwasa Resort can plan for you. From waterfall hiking, snorkeling incredible reefs, fishing and paddle boarding to exploring Fijian villages, visiting the hospital on the island or engaging in traditional Fijian ceremonies such as Kava, The Lovo and the Meke. And yes, we did it all!

One of my most enjoyable experiences was when one of the staff members, Lo, shared her village with us. Being greeted by the smiling faces of the children at school and seeing them run around and just enjoying life left an impression. Fijians are truly some of the happiest people you will meet. We were shown by Lo how to be welcomed by the elder of the village. A gift was given from us (Kava root) and the elder has the option of welcoming us into his village, which he graciously did. The village was beautiful but what I remember most was seeing Fijian people in their element, happy and loving life.

I loved the Kava Ceremony. Three villagers were brought in to the resort and showed us each step of the process. Traditionally the Kava Ceremony was used to welcome a new person into their village. These days, the Kava ceremony is something which friends and families perform in Fiji, similar to how westerners catch up and share a drink. It is common for friends and families in Fiji to share and enjoy this experience together. I really enjoyed the process and the unique taste, although some do describe it as muddy. The Kava itself gave me a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

The Spa Amenities

If activities aren’t your thing or you want to take a day of relaxation there is a whole menu of spa items to put on your calendar. The staff will come to your bedroom or any area of the villa and they are skilled in all kinds of treatments from massages to body wraps and facials. I loved the banana leaf body wrap as I’d never heard or experienced anything quite like it!

The Food

I could write a whole blog post on the food… Richie has created a delectable food menu which is available to order 24/7, all you need to do is pick up the phone! From milkshakes and smoothies to salads and fresh fish, I loved everything he made. The staff remembered my gluten free allergy and brought me bread every morning with breakfast along with my almond milk latte.

The breakfast was quite a treat! Platters of fruit were laid out on the table along with fresh pastries and breads, and I loved all the different breakfast options. From Mexican to Swedish breakfasts, they certainly have you covered at Raiwasa!

Dinners were incredible, looking out onto the ocean and drinking a glass of the recommended wine with the three course meal was definitely something I looked forward to each day.

Overall I loved my Fijian experience with Raiwasa. Raiwasa truly made my time in Fiji an incredible adventure and brought the place to life for me! Follow my Instagram to keep track of my next adventure – @elise_natalie.

If you have any questions and I can help with your travels, please comment below.

Until next time,

Elise Natalie xoxo

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