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December 9, 2018
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This year for my birthday I had the pleasure of visiting the Peninsula Hot Springs, located in the Mornington Peninsula just south of Melbourne. If the idea of a day of relaxation appeals to you, then this is a place you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. From the point of arrival until we left the spa my mum and I have never experienced anything so blissful. We even had to take the night off and just relax, as we left the place floating.

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The setting itself was picturesque with the hot springs placed amongst the Mornington Peninsula countryside. Envision wildlife, winding garden paths and deep pools with water features carefully placed around you to provide you with the utmost relaxation experience.

There are two areas, one of which is available for the public and the other which is more of a private experience. We were booked in to the private area, known as the Spa Dreaming Centre, followed by a lunch. My mum and I chose to arrive early so we would have time to enjoy the hot springs before finishing our day with eating.

Entering the Hot Springs

After you have parked you walk up the winding paths and enter through sliding doors to be greeted by the lovely staff. If you have selected the Spa Dreaming Centre you are handed a towel, a robe and a locker key bracelet and you pass by reception to the left to enter the private bathing area through more sliding doors. From there you can visit the change rooms to change into swimwear and your robe before exploring which hot spring you would like to enjoy first.

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Spa Dreaming Centre

The Spa Dreaming Centre has tranquil spaces and secluded pools and also offers spa treatments, which you can book separately. The other bathing experience available is the Bath House which is a public social experience for family and friends. With the Spa Dreaming Centre in addition to our private pools we were offered the option to view the public pools too. We loved this.

The thing I loved the most about the Spa Dreaming Centre was the calmness and tranquility it exuded as soon as you stepped inside. Along with the hot springs themselves (each one with a sign and description of their temperature and purpose) there were hammocks and carefully placed swings for you to sit and relax in. Each hot spring varied in their style and views.

The Bath House

We took our time exploring the Bath House, as we were told the Hilltop Pool was not to be missed. After journeying to the top we could see why the view was completely worth it… As far as you can see is the beautiful Australian countryside surrounding you. There are so many other unique spots to visit and we took our time exploring both areas.

Once we had spent a bit of time relaxing and exploring, it was almost time for our lunch. We went back into the change rooms for a quick shower and rinse and then put on our robes. The best part about going to lunch at Peninsula Hot Springs? They encourage you to wear your robe. I felt so relaxed and rested that sitting down for lunch in a robe was really the cherry on top of the cake.

Lunch in the Spa Dreaming Centre

My mum and I decided to celebrate with some Prosecco as we reflected on our peaceful day and enjoyed the view around us. Both our food options were divine. I went for the special of the day, the Barramundi and my mum chose the Vegetable Burger. We were considering dessert before we started but after the meal and two wines we were plenty satiated.

If you happen to be down in the Mornington Peninsula, I highly recommend you take a day out of your schedule to get some rest and relaxation at the beautiful Peninsula Hot Springs. The experience was certainly not one to be missed.

Until next time,

Elise Natalie xoxo

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