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April 21, 2016
Top Things to do in Jackson Hole during Winter
May 19, 2016
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Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what to pack for your trip. Snow trips in particular as you aren’t just packing your everyday clothing, you need to layer and also consider options for snowboarding and skiing. It isn’t easy to pack as the clothing can all be quite heavy and bulky. I hope these lists below help you narrow your choices down so you know what to pack for your next snow trip. 

Where I went…

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (yee-ha!)
Dates: Late March 
Season: Early Spring
Temperature: -10°C to -5°C (-14°F to -23°F)

Obviously take into account the above temperatures when packing – my lists below are just a guideline


What to pack for a week long snow trip

Casual Clothing



Nothing is more important than layering on a snow trip. Most importantly bring thermals to wear under your casual or snow sports clothes to keep you toasty warm in the extreme temperatures . As long as you layer, you will stay warm.

1. Thermal Top: If I need extra layering on cold days this top from Divas Snow Gear came in handy. Throw a jacket and scarf over the top of it and you’re all set for extreme conditions and wear it under your snow gear on the mountain.

2. Thermal Leggings: Completing the set from Diva’s Snow Gear, I wore these leggings under my jeans or snowboarding pants on the slope to stay extra warm. I love how the material is thin and breathable but still manages to keep you toasty warm.

3. Cardigans/Sweaters: I always bring a couple of nice sweaters and cardigans to wear on snow trips. Great for lazing around the house or to layer underneath jackets.

4. Long Sleeved Tops: Pack a variety of long sleeved tops to layer under jumpers, jackets or your ski gear. I wore them most nights when we went out. I usually pack casual singlets too to layer underneath things, so if it is warmer where you are going that night there’s the option to take the long sleeved top/jacket off.

              Image result for waterfall cardigan   


Jackets are easily thrown over your casual outfits for extra layering. At night it’s best to wear a snow jacket over your casual jacket or cardigan, so when you get to a warmer place you can take off the snow jacket and have your casual outfit underneath. I bring these options with me in addition to my snow jacket:

5. Puffer Vest: These vests are great because they are lightweight, and yet pack on the heat around your chest area, which surprisingly if your chest area is warm it keeps the rest of your body warm! For active sports during the day such as hiking or sleighing these are great to put over long sleeved tops with gloves.

6. Trench Coat: It is a wise choice to bring a heavier jacket on a snow trip, especially if you don’t have a ski/snowboarding jacket and aren’t planning on doing snow sports.

7. Leather Jacket: If you are looking to dress it up, then a leather jacket is all you need. Add some leggings and a long sleeved top underneath – and you’re all sorted for a night out on the town.

 img-thing (2).jpegImage result for trench coat furdownload.jpeg


8. Jeans: I always bring my staple blue denim jeans but it’s usually good to bring another colour to mix up my outfits.

9. Black Leggings: I wear these babies for a majority of my trip. There is the option to wear thermals underneath them if you’re worried about getting cold, complete the outfit with wool socks and apres boots and the bottom half of my outfit is done!

10. Blue Denim Jeans – a great staple for any outfit, blue jeans will come in handy for any occasion on a snow trip – except for skiing and snowboarding! 



11. Apres/Moon Boots: These will be one of your best investments on your snow trip – especially if you spend the day skiing or snowboarding. These boots save you from slipping on icy areas, keep your toes extremely warm and as a bonus they are waterproof in case you end up knee deep in snow (which happened to us quite a few times!). There’s a variety of options to choose from too. It literally feels like you are stepping into clouds when you slip into them at the end of a day on the slopes.




Accessories can make a world of difference on a snow trip. Here are my essentials:

12. Beanies: Whatever you do don’t forget to pack a few of these, especially if you’re prone to cold ears! Something which you don’t want to overlook

13. Scarves: On snow holidays you learn which parts of you get cold really quick, and I find with the wind and even a jacket, your neck is always open to being assaulted by the wind. Bring a few.

14. Socks: I recommend bringing merino wool socks and sports socks – when I need to rug up I wear the woollen socks and if I want to go to the gym or it’s a warmer day, I’ll wear my sports socks.

15. Mittens/Gloves: A requirement on ski trips, keeping your hands warm can make all the difference. I wore my wool gloves absolutely everywhere we went. Especially on our 5AM morning hike – where I even wished I had two pairs to wear, my hands were that freezing cold.

16. Swimwear: Don’t forget your bikini! We were lucky enough to have an outdoor jacuzzi in the snow, and it was absolute heaven to finish a day of active snow sports by letting our muscles soak in a jacuzzi. Bring a couple of pairs.

 download (3)    71BBbI0XtRL._UX385_     Burton+Chloe+Mittens         images-2




It’s up to you whether you want to bring the following! Here are some extra items you can pack.

17. Animal Onesie: Bringing one of these is always heaps of fun. Not only can you just throw it on when you’re sitting around the house – but you can put it on over your snow gear and have fun going down the mountain as an animal, superhero or cartoon character! THE BEST!

18. Waterproof Boots: A shorter pair of boots is always a great option for your nights out. Please once again make sure they’re waterproof.

19. Fitness Wear: Now I know snow holidays are essentially fitness holidays if you do choose to ski or snowboard, which means you really don’t need to head to the gym unless you’re a fitness freak! I still brought my Fearless Activewear with me and impressively used it a total of two times whilst I was there.

20. Sunglasses: Goggles are great for on the mountain, but you always need a pair of sunglasses for the glare off the snow when you’re not on it! Don’t underestimate the glare on a snow trip. Plus you get awesome photos if the sunglasses are mirrored and in a bright colour, trust me on this.

 Tweety        6b3e6756429f7a54fc481eebe1d78f55     FitnessCrop   Ray-Ban-RB-3025-112-17-2

Skiing & Snowboarding Gear



If you’re planning to go Skiing and/or Snowboarding, there will be additional gear I would recommend, particularly the protective gear if you are prone to falling down. These choices are guaranteed to help you out!




1 & 2. Pants/Jacket: Pick a nice bright outerwear jacket and pants to wear on the slopes. Why bright you ask? As a beginner or even as an expert you want people to see you. If you wear white on the slopes it may look stylish but if you get in trouble or get lost going off the groomers, it may be harder for people to find you! 1 & 2 above were my picks from Divas Snow Gear above. Keeping you stylish, warm and bright!

3. Goggles: Possibly one of the most important things when you are doing snow sports as visibility down a mountain is fairly important. My best advice here is to go with goggles that have interchangeable lens. One of my friends on the slopes found her goggles worked fantastic for the sunny conditions but as soon as it started snowing she couldn’t see anything. Look into either having two pairs for different conditions or interchangeable lenses and it will make a world of difference!

4. Gloves/Mittens: Gloves come in a variety – I prefer gloves to mittens as if you’re skiing you can grab the poles better and in general you have more use in your fingers. I picked these Divas Snow Gear gloves which were perfect for me! For skiing/snowboarding you need gloves that are waterproof, windproof and breathable with insulation. I loved these Divas gloves as they also had e-smart fingertips on index fingers and thumb for using your phone on the slopes (no having to take your gloves off for every single photo) and the thumbs and left index finger have a goggle wipe! The grip on the palms helps to. I recommend getting a larger size so you can fit wrist guards underneath for extra protection.

5. Balaclava: Personally I don’t like to wear these, as I find it difficult to see and breathe but a lot of my friends do, especially if you’re planning on going to the top of the mountain where the wind is relentless. The one pictured above is from Divas Snow Gear.

6. Neck Warmer: This neck warmer from Divas Snow Gear was fantastic. If you have ever done snow sports before you learn quickly that scarves just don’t cut it on a mountain, they pretty much blow straight off. Neck warmers keep your neck warm on the cooler days, it’s one of the few areas left exposed by your snow jacket.

7 & 8. Ski Boots/Snowboarding Boots: When it comes to boots, I have highly sensitive feet. When I rent demo ski boots I get problems with rubbing and pressure on my shins and when I snowboard I have a narrow foot so I have problems with my feet slipping up and down which makes it harder to control the snowboard. I always recommend buying your own boots. Put in the time to research the best ski/snowboarding boots for your level and consider getting heat moulding. It prevents them hurting the first few days and it moulds the boots to your foot in the same way as if you were skiing or snowboarding. I chose a Boa Snowboarding Boot and it was amazing for me as it meant I could push my feet in, pull up the strings to tighten around my ankle and twist the boa a few times to tighten the whole boot up! Effortless and effective. There are advantages to each system however! So do your research and invest in a good pair of boots!

My pick was the Burton Limelight Snowboarding Boots. Burton is a reputable brand, I was able to heat mould them before my trip and I loved being able to tighten with the Boa system to give me a snug fitting boot on the mountain.

9. Merino Wool Socks: These babies are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and insulated on the slopes and particularly keep you padded against ski boots, which can rub and be quite harsh on your shins.

10. Insulted Fleece Jacket: Some jackets don’t come with insulation, which is great on the warmer days as you don’t overheat. Therefore it’s good to invest in a mid layer for above your thermals and under your jacket. This Performance Fleece from Divas Snow Gear was fleecy and soft.

Protective Gear


You may be confident or adventurous but it’s always best to be safe! Learning snowboarders are prone to whiplash motions that can have them hitting their heads and getting a concussion if they fall backwards and let’s not mention if you get near trees… Here are a few of my suggestions:


1. Helmet: These come in a variety of colours, so don’t let the helmet stop you from looking great!

2 & 3. Elbow Pads & Knee Pads: The ones in the photo above are G-Force, which are super slim but ultra padded and slip with ease over your elbows and knees. Perfect for falls if you’re planning on conquering the mountain.

4. Wrist Guards: (can buy gloves with these built in or buy to wear under gloves): These are great for when you fall, as it keeps your wrist from flexing and breaking.

5. Tailsaver/Padded Shorts: Particularly if you’re a snowboarder I recommend these – considering you spend a majority of your time falling on your backside. So reasonable and yet probably the thing you will value buying the most the whole trip, this baby stops you from a sore backside for the whole trip!

Hope these tips helped you out on packing for your snow trip! Feel free to comment below 🙂

And lastly things tend to add up on a snow trip, so here is a discount code to use on www.divassnowgear.com to save 25% on all their snow gear! Use “Elise25” at checkout for your discount to be applied.


Safe travels and have fun!

Elise Natalie xoxo


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