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August 3, 2020
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Our incredible stay at Radisson Blu Milatos Crete

Radisson Blu in Milatos, Crete really blew my mind away with it’s location and multitude of amenities for an all-inclusive hotel. My first impression when I arrived down the winding roads to Milatos is how private and exclusive the setting of Radisson is and my second impression was the enormity of the resort. This clearly explained why the hotel was full capacity during our stay. Please read more below to find out what I loved most about Radisson Blu Crete


The Staff

The thing which really stood out to me the most was the staff going out of their way to look after you from the moment you arrive until you leave. We wanted a green juice every morning prepared and once we requested it the chef in the kitchen would take a basket of vegetables to the bar to juice for us each day. They really go out of their way to make you feel special.

George was one of the chefs who we had the pleasure of preparing a few dishes for us during our stay. We spent one night on the incredible Miraval Deck overlooking the Aegean Ocean. He knew our preferences for food based on seeing us a few times and he prepared this incredible mussel dish for me to try and risotto for Karolina. Both of the dishes were incredible and exactly to our tastes. It was even my first time trying mussels and he guided me how to do it. I now have cravings for mussels every-time I see them on the menu! George also prepared a dinner for us at Bellevue with sea bass that was incredible. I loved both dishes immensely and I just admired how Radisson has people working with them that go out of their way to add to the guests experience. It was lovely walking around the resort and seeing familiar smiling faces each day too!

The Restaurants

There are so many all-inclusive restaurants, you could almost visit a different one each night of your stay. My recommendation is to look at the calendar to see what events are on each night – as Bellevue holds a lobster dinner certain nights of the week and there are experiences such as wine tastings on Saturday to look out for with a BBQ and dancing afterwards. The key is to plan out your stay and make sure you have your reservations booked in each day so you know where you are going. Here are a few of my favorites! There are several I didn’t mention but we only had time to experience so much during our stay!

My favorite restaurant experience was Bellevue – it’s a fine dining restaurant where you are high up with an incredible view of the ocean. I loved sitting outside during sunset, it’s an extremely romantic and intimate setting and would also be a great social one with friends. With a Michelin star chef designing the menu, you know you are going to have an incredible gastronomic experience every time.

Miraval Deck was another of my favorites. I enjoyed that the setting was more relaxed and casual, so if you have an action-packed day in Crete I would recommend going here to unwind with a wine and enjoy the view.

The last restaurant I really wanted to try and experience was Ariadni Taste of Crete but it was unfortunately only open during our stay on the same night as our night at Bellevue, so we didn’t get to experience it. However we went on a tour inside and the décor is incredible and unique to Crete. Given also that Cretan food is the highlight of this restaurant and you are in Crete – I would highly recommend checking this one out!

The multiple pools, bars and lounges

The resort is so enormous that I only found some of the pools on my last day! My recommendation is to get a map on the first day and explore them all to find the best spots for you to relax. I loved being down by the ocean on the beach, and there was a cute bar down there with swings (I believe it could have been the wet bar) that provided the perfect setting. However each pool was also extremely unique – the adults only Chill Out Pool Bar is definitely a place for relaxation – they even provide yoga matts on request to meditate! Lastly the Olivia Pool Bar was right near our room and provides another experience with two huge pools and a lot of deck chairs to lounge in. Oh and you definitely have to go find the Pool Bar with teepees! Such a unique setting.

The Rooms

Each room at Radisson Crete is super luxurious and unique. They are inspired by the Greek islands – one design group is inspired by ancient civilizations of Crete and the other is inspired by the islands of Mykonos and Cyclades. We had the second with a modern design, white and blue color scheme and luxurious furnishings. I loved that our shower overlooked a private courtyard and that we could walk out to the view of the fountain and ocean and go through a passageway to one of the gorgeous pools. We couldn’t hear anyone during our stay it felt so private and quiet where we were and I loved that. When you arrive to the beach resort the best thing to do is download and log-in to the app. It’s the best way to get in touch with the hotel during your stay and order food to your room. I loved how modern and accessible the app was during my stay.

Overall Experiences

Overall I had an incredible experience at Radisson Blu Beach Resort Milatos Crete. I really enjoyed the rooms, being able to explore the resort and experience both food and drinks all around the resort and enjoy some relaxation in the bar lounges or beach. Walking around the resort itself is such a pleasant experience, the landscaping is incredible and every attention to detail is thought out here. I highly recommend staying here during your Crete adventure.

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