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When I was flying in to land in Ibiza (after a mere 4 flights and 32 hours across the world) what a breathtaking sight it was! It’s impossible to stop looking at the bright blue of the water with endless boats and yachts streaming across it leaving white foam in their wake. However before the journey I struggled knowing what to pack. I hadn’t been to a location like Ibiza and I wanted to make sure I was prepared. Being predominantly a place to party and spend time on, near and around water I managed to narrow it down to this list. I hope this helps give you an insight on what to pack for your trip.


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My Top 20 things to pack for Ibiza:

  1. Bikinis!
  2. One piece swimsuit
  3. Bodysuits
  4. Crop tops
  5. Loose fitting tops
  6. Denim cutoff shorts
  7. Wedges or platform heels
  8. Gladiator sandals
  9. Short skirts
  10. Short shorts
  11. Playsuits
  12. Maxi skirts and maxi dresses
  13. Cocktail dresses
  14. Bohemian jewellery paired with flash tattoos
  15. Sunglasses – the bigger the better!
  16. Sarong
  17. Hat
  18. Sunscreen
  19. Beach bag and/or shoulder bag (recommended for the clubs)
  20. Travel adaptor – same voltage as Australia but my US friends be wary as you will blow your hairdryers if you bring them (US is 110V, Australia and Ibiza are both 240V)

Keep in mind whilst packing the Ibiza vibe is hippie chic, relaxed, colourful, wild and a little bit of crazy – generally anything goes. Keep in mind it is super hot so if in doubt flowy and loose fitting should be your go-to outfits.


I would argue this to be one of the most important things to pack, but being a swimsuit model it’s always on the top of my list! You can wear swimsuits at the pool parties or mix it up and wear a swimsuit top with shorts or a skirt to one of the more casual clubs, the infamous yacht parties or by the pool of where you’re staying. Definitely an essential and top of the list. I brought casual pieces for swimming and blingy swimsuits for the flashier events and parties. I sourced my swimsuits from Veve Swimwear and Fathom Swimwear. I’ve linked the photos below to where you can buy them, so click away. I particularly loved this bright turquoise Myriad bikini from Veve as not only was it a beautiful colour, but it had multiple ways you can tie it – giving not only multiple looks for the trip but more suitcase space ;).

Ibiza6   Ibiza7

Ibiza5   Ibiza4

Ibiza2   Ibiza3


Leave your expensive jewellery at home, Ibiza is not the place for it. Instead I chose to go with more gypsy and bohemian themed jewellery. Think body chains in silver or gold, anklets, bracelets, chokers, turquoise and silver rings, wooden bracelets and even flash tattoos. Festival style outfits are popular to wear and having jewellery can bling it up. I chose to get my jewellery from Gypsy Lovin Light, from my hometown in Perth, Australia. Once again where I got the accessories are linked in the photos below.





I packed an abundance of crops and one pieces to pair with my neutral toned shorts, mini skirts and maxi skirts. The bohemian look works in Ibiza. Think bright colours, beautiful patterns, crochet outfits and neutral tones – they all work against the white and blue backdrops and for the nightlife.

One Pieces/Bodysuits

One pieces are fantastic for Ibiza, whether they are swimsuits or body pieces they are great to pair with denim shorts, shorts or skirts and you’re set for a pool party or night out. A must! However if you are drinking, the ones with the push buttons are not always recommended!


Crop Tops

They take up minimal space in your suitcase and you can pair them with any bottoms to create endless possibilities. I took multiple coloured crops in white, black, beige, baby blue and mint to mix it up with my high-waisted denim shorts and skirts. I brought a gold crop to match with a white midi skirt to dress it up one night. Sequins and stand out outfits are never out of place in Ibiza.


Denim shorts, high waisted shorts and mini/maxi skirts

Denim shorts are one of my top recommendations as they fit right in with the beach scene in Ibiza. Pair them with a cute top, swimsuit or bodysuit and some gypsy jewellery. Coming in second are neutral high waisted shorts – in white, pale pink or beige, which look super cute and finally I threw in some sequin mini skirts and sequin shorts – for when you want to dress it up at night without going overboard! Crochet, midi and patterned maxi skirts are also great for during the day time and to throw on over your bikini.


Playsuits and Maxi Dresses

I brought roughly three playsuits and wore them all! I find these super easy to throw on during the day or for heading out and dressing them up. You almost can’t bring enough of these. My playsuits were sourced from Minx Empire, like the one below. I love bright colours and patterns, but white crochet or white lace dresses can also look great.


Cocktail Dresses

There is a place for the dressier cocktail/evening dresses or dressed up maxi dress in Ibiza. If you are going to a place such as Pacha it does require a higher dress code. Pack your favourite LBD or evening gown if you are plan to go to the dressier clubs.

IMG_9771 copy-1


Choosing shoes was easy for me. Being that most of the partying has you on your feet all night and walking through cobblestone beaches or even on the beach – I brought two pairs of wedges (one nude, one black), thick heeled heels in white (which I didn’t end of wearing due to wedges being a better option) and a couple of pairs of sandals. I am a bit of a fitness fanatic so I also packed my trainers for working out and/or hiking. If you plan on partying rather than exploring, your feet will get sore quickly – so make sure you bring options.

Things I brought and didn’t use…

  1. If you use fake tan you may not want to bring it with you. Absolutely everything in Ibiza is white – from the hotels, villas and apartments to the furniture and beds. I had a spray tan and I was paranoid with the heat that I would sit somewhere and it would rub off onto the beautiful furnishings. Just something you may want to leave at home for this trip.
  2. Heels – I brought a pair with me and learnt early on they are probably not the most suited for the Ibiza scene, especially when the city doesn’t sleep and a lot of the paths are cobblestone – you want to save your feet. Think dressed up gladiator sandals or platforms that look like heels. You can always pack one pair of heels just in case the opportunity arises to wear them. 
  3. Jeans/Pants – Besides to wearing these on the plane there was no way they made an appearance once I made it to my villa. The heat is quite humid and doesn’t generally change unless you are up higher where there is a breeze. Jackets were the same thing – more than likely a cover-up or cardigan will do if you feel the cold.
  4. Dressier jewellery – There was no need for diamond necklaces and earrings. Being a party scene you want to leave your more valuable items at home. I brought mine but it didn’t leave my suitcase the whole time.
  5. A watch – who needs to know the time when you’re in Ibiza!


Have fun and safe travels,

Elise Natalie xoxo


  1. Elise Natalie Greg says:

    I love your blogs. I am leaving on a trip for Alaska today and I just wanted to say I hope I have fun but I can’t match the fun you must be having. You are such an inspiration and keep up the good work.

    • Elise Natalie Elise Natalie says:

      Thanks Greg! Enjoy your trip to Alaska and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the posts! Safe travels 🙂 Elise

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