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Discovering your Food Intolerances with PinnerTest

As a model and being exposed to the health and fitness industry, I always hear a lot of discussions regarding food and intolerances. There always seems to be the latest fitness trend and people get caught up in these ideas and start eliminating foods from their diet in an effort to relieve the symptoms they are experiencing.

I think people can be too quick to self-diagnose their intolerances; however there are very few people who go above and beyond to establish what their intolerances are. The reason I’m writing this blog post is I want to help you to be able to do that. Everyone is quick to believe their intolerance is gluten or lactose and completely eliminate these from their diets without any scientific evidence to prove that they are in fact intolerant to them. In foods these days – particularly processed foods, there are so many ingredients it can be hard to determine which particular ingredient you have intolerance to.

Sure, gluten isn’t the healthiest of all the products out there and it is probably recommended to eliminate from your diet if you are training to compete for a bodybuilding or swimsuit competition. And consuming a product (lactose) where we don’t really have the proper enzymes in our body to be able to properly digest it doesn’t make complete sense. But does that necessarily mean we are intolerant to them? As I have found out from my results below, it doesn’t. Read on to find out more about the test which helped me discover my intolerances, taught me about the effects eating foods you are intolerant to can cause in your body. Lastly find out how eliminating these food intolerances can lead to a better health and wellbeing, which I believe to be of the most importance.

Intolerance Testing with PinnerTest

This week I received my intolerance results from PinnerTest and can I just say WOW! They were not what I was expecting at all and I was completely blown away by them. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you below.


Why I chose to test my intolerances and use PinnerTest

Firstly I want to explain the reasons I had for doing a test such as PinnerTest.

I wanted to:

  • Precisely identify what foods I was intolerant to for the purpose of getting my health on track.
  • Ensure my metabolism was functioning optimally.
  • No longer experience physical pain or bloating when eating certain foods.

There is also a peace of mind that comes with knowing why your body is reacting a certain way by identifying your food intolerances and being able to eliminate them.

And why did I choose PinnerTest (a US-based company)? I have been researching ways to identify food intolerances for a while now and I’ve had extensive tests in hospital for both gluten and lactose. When I eliminated them both I found I was still having stomach problems. I discovered PinnerTest online and for me it was the answer to all my problems. It is hands down one of the most comprehensive food intolerance tests available –I don’t know of any other companies that will test you against 200 types of food using just a few drops of your blood. Aside from its technology for testing being second to none, there is nothing available to us in Australia that compares to this level of food intolerance testing

The effects intolerances can have on your body

PinnerTest explains to you that food intolerance can lead to a number of symptoms. The symptoms I had and wanted an explanation for were: bloating, stomach cramps, migraines, IBS, tiredness and dry skin. I believed if I managed to identify my food intolerances then I would be able to clear some of these problems up. The bizarre thing with intolerances is your body can be intolerant to healthy foods. Down the track this can make you feel sick or even gain weight, as intolerances cause a lack in serotonin production and therefore an increased craving for sugar and carbohydrates. So it’s not just unhealthy foods and the additives you have to look out for, even healthy foods can cause your body damage over time if you are intolerant to them.

My symptoms

I want to explain to you some of the problems I was having and my reactions to food. I have been suffering from cramps in my stomach and stomach distension on and off for quite a while now. Given the types of foods my body reacted to, I always believed my problem was gluten and lactose intolerance. I have had this tested in hospital before but the test results were not conclusive. Lately I’ve also had an aversion to eating eggs. It used to be part of my routine to enjoy both omelettes and poached eggs in the morning, but for some reason I’ve felt nauseous about eating them for a few months now and instead of my usual routine, I replaced them with protein shakes first thing in the morning. Egg whites by themselves have always made me feel sick and I have struggled with eating them when I go on my high protein diets. All of these facts are extremely relevant to the results I received below.

The PinnerTest process explained

So what was the process to test my food intolerance through PinnerTest and was it a difficult process? No, in fact it’s extremely easy. PinnerTest send out a kit to you in the mail, it arrives within 1-2 days WORLDWIDE. The kit includes instructions on what steps you need to take. You simply prick your finger, drop a few drops of blood onto the blood collection pad and send it back to them in the mail. On receipt of this blood sample they deliver your results to your provided email address in just 10 days time.

How does PinnerTest work?

The way PinnerTest works is it tests your blood sample against 200 different types of foods including grains, dairy, meat, fruits, drinks, vegetables, spices, fish, seafood and many others. Their test is one of the most advanced food intolerance tests to date, using MicroArray+ Elisa technology to test your intolerance using your blood sample. Once the blood has been tested, they grade your intolerance to multiple foods based on the three following levels, which is sent to you in an easy to follow report on completion of their testing.

  • Green means you are not intolerant to a particular food and can eat it without restriction, unless you have a known allergy or discomfort.
  • Yellow means you have intolerance to the food and it is suggested to eliminate it from your diet.
  • Red means you have intolerance and your body shows a high reaction to that particular food and you should eliminate it from your diet immediately.

Interestingly enough I found gluten and dairy were both green – meaning I can eat any types of wheat and dairy (with the exception of goat’s milk) without any reaction. This was probably the most shocking result for me, as I was convinced that my body was not able to digest these properly and have mostly eliminated them from my diet for the last couple of years – yes I’m one of those people!

My PinnerTest Results


Above is a few screenshots from the report generated from PinnerTest. I have only shown the pages that revealed my intolerances, but there were 4 more pages in addition to what I’ve shown. The foods the test suggested I eliminate from my diet were peanuts, pinto beans, egg whites (egg yolks were fine) and goat’s milk – which is not what I would have expected. This completely explains why I’ve had a reaction to Peanut M & M’s before (which I previously put down to gluten and dairy intolerance), peanut butter (which I love with celery sticks or during high protein diets) and also explains why I’ve felt nauseous eating eggs lately and have always felt sick during and after eating egg whites (I thought it was just the taste!). It is such a relief to finally be able to identify what is causing problems in my body, although it is hard to hear that I will have to eliminate peanuts and eggs, both of which I am extremely fond of, along with goats cheese – which I enjoy mixing into my salads.

Both kidney beans and shellfish came up as yellow, where it is suggested I also don’t eat these. Not too much of a hardship with those two, as I’m not a huge shellfish fan and it’s easy enough to eliminate kidney beans from my diet.

All in all I am extremely impressed with the results and I will definitely be eliminating these foods from my diet over the next few weeks to see if some of my symptoms clear up. The result which made me happiest was it revealed no problems with any vegetables or fruits (my doctor at one point believed I may not be able to eat high FODMAP foods, which suggests you eliminate a lot of fruit and vegetables) so I’m extremely relieved this is not the case.

Peanuts and eggs will certainly be the most challenging to eliminate from my diet because they are found in most foods and I enjoy them. However I’ll do my best and update you on my progress soon. Coincidentally I received these results just in time as I recently received started training at Shredded Strength Institute and I started my training program this week following my initial consultation with them. They are completely in line with health first and then fitness follows – so I’m looking forward to getting an optimal result with them and utilising this knowledge.

Discount Code to test your intolerances with PinnerTest

If you want to get your PinnerTest results and discover your intolerances, I want to make it easy for you. PinnerTest have offered all my friends and family a discount code which gets you a huge $60USD discount on the test – use the discount code ELISENATALIE to get your discount at checkout and begin the process towards getting your health and fitness back on track – after all knowledge is power!


Happy testing and here’s to better health, well-being and getting results with your fitness!

Elise Natalie xoxo


  1. Elise Natalie Molly says:

    Hi! I just got my pinnertest results this morning an was shocked to see red zone +3 for egg yolks and +2 for egg whites and soy!! Never would have guessed these!! I’ve suffered from digestive problems my whole life, as well as lethargy and brain fog, and am really hoping that cutting these things out will help. Have you experienced marked changes in your health since eliminating your intolerant foods?

    • Elise Natalie Elise Natalie says:

      Hi Molly! Oh wow how interesting, I’m glad it helped you identify these – I was so shocked when I saw I had an intolerance for egg whites and peanuts. You will find soy is also in a lot of products – so be really careful when you are reading food labels. Egg whites funnily enough are also used in the wine distillation process, which is quite frustrating. I found when I eliminated my intolerances from my diet I saw a noticeable difference in energy levels but the biggest difference for me was definitely in my stomach pain. I always experienced stomach pain and cramping frequently, which hasn’t happened since I’ve eliminated the foods PinnerTest revealed I was intolerant to ! I hope that helps. It’s always worthwhile to see a nutritionist though, they will probably be able to confirm this for you and look into other things that may affect your energy levels, such as lack of B12 or iron deficiencies! Also ask them to test your allergies and blood type, which helps knowing what foods to eat. Hope that helps, Elise

  2. Elise Natalie David says:

    Thanks for posting this, my wife has been suffering from stomach issues and I’ve been looking for a way of testing her food compatibility. The code is helpful as well… keep up the great work!

    David from California

    • Elise Natalie Elise Natalie says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that I could help you somehow! It is frustrating not knowing why you have stomach issues, so I fully sympathise with your wife and hope she sorts her problems out! Please feel free to comment again with the results, I would love to know!

      All the Best,


  3. Elise Natalie Jeff Walker says:

    Wow this looks very promising. Don’t have stomach pain but am bloated all of the time. My wife wants me to go off of dairy which I don’t eat that much anyway. This should help. Thanks for bringing to our attention. Have a great day down under.

    • Elise Natalie Elise Natalie says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I’m glad I could be of assistance! Best of luck with the bloating :). I’ve found dairy definitely causes bloating problems with me but it could be a number of things.
      Warm Regards,

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