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Considering I’m just about to get ready for Burning Man, it reminded me that earlier in the year I had less than a week to get ready for Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world! I was ecstatic about the line-up particularly seeing the Queen herself (Beyonce), Eminem, Cardi B and The Weeknd, amongst others.

A few things come to mind when I personally think of Coachellaglitter, jewels, fringe, lace, short shorts, flowers, body chains and braids. The style is definitely bohemian, but everyone owns it a different way – which is what I love about it.

It is definitely a place where you can express yourself, showcase your style and own it. If you’ve been hiding something and or have been worried about where to to wear it, Coachella is the time. Be mindful though – you want to be able to move, dance and have fun in your outfit.

Considering the amount of effort influencers, celebrities and vloggers put into their outfits each year, it can be a little overwhelming knowing what to wear. I threw multiple options and when I arrived, my girlfriends and I helped each other with what to wear.

Below are the outfits I wore for each day of the festival, why I would or wouldn’t recommend wearing them or similar outfits. If you want to scroll to the bottom I’ve included a packing list of essentials for Coachella and illustrated the list through some of my favourite outfit choices that I saw attending the event this year.

We were lucky enough to have an incredible hair and makeup team each day which made our lives easier.

Outfit 1:

By far this outfit was my my favourite. Cut-off denim shorts are an easy and casual look at Coachella without putting too much effort in. I loved adding this crochet swimsuit top from Luminous Sol Swimwear – it was super comfortable and cool throughout the day. I’d recommend pairing it with a jacket as at night it does cool down fast in the desert. 

TIPS: To add something extra to this outfit I made sure my skin was bronzed (thanks @pureorganictan), added a gold glitter highlight to my face, went more dramatic with the eyes and added chunky accessories and body jewellery.

Outfit 2:

Being the main day of Coachella – this is normally the day that everyone goes all out. All the influencers choose this day to come and take their photos – so if one of your outfits is DYNAMITE – save it for this day! This year Beyonce was the headlining act, so it seemed fitting I chose bling shorts and asked the makeup team to put unicorn glitter on my eyes to tie it all together! And a fishtail braid because it’s Coachella so why not?

All in all this wasn’t my favourite look – I felt there was way too much going on as I had a face full of makeup, glam hair and an over the top outfit. So that being said, my tips are…

TIPS: Choose one feature you want to stand out (outfit, hair, makeup) and then tone the rest down. I changed my lip from dramatic to nude to make it a bit more subtle.

Outfit 3: Final Day

The final day seems to be the day everyone goes the most casual and laid back. For the third day I absolutely loved my hair, makeup and outfit. I went for the full Coachella vibe – being as hippie/gypsy as I could.

My directions to the team for my makeup were “make it glow” – I wanted the bronzed goddess look. Very natural with highlights and golds, no eyeliner and wispie lashes. I loved the look the makeup team created here.

With my hair I mixed it up with a centre part and boho beachy waves with loose braids mixed through for a casual beachy look. For my outfit I chose a white two piece and body jewellery from Gypsy Lovin Light! I love using body jewellery to add to any outfit and it definitely gives the bohemian feel.

TIPS: I wouldn’t recommend this outfit for Coachella unless you are only going for a couple of hours as it is a bit too restrictive to wear for the whole day. My recommendation would be something looser fitting or with stretchy material. I absolutely love two pieces such as a crop top and flowy skirt or a maxi dress. Complete the look by accessorising.


Here is my list of essentials for Coachella demonstrated with photos of my favourite outfits worn at this years Coachella. I really loved any that incorporated a fringe look.

Flat Shoes

Please don’t even consider heels at Coachella. Flat sandals, gladiator sandals, boots or combat boots would be my three choices! Boots are the best option as after a while as sandals do get annoying to walk around it. It’s the desert… There’s a lot of sand and you are on your feet for hours.

Photo: @erikacostell

Tops – bodysuits, swimwear, crop tops, flowy tops and bandeaus

I do love bodysuits as they look amazing with skirts, pants or shorts and they don’t move around a lot. My advice is to always get the one with pop buttons – it makes life easier!

Photo: @denissemvera

Loose flowy skirts, flare pants, cut off shorts

Loose flowy skirts or pants and cut-off shorts to match your crop tops or bodysuits.

Photo: @lelepons

Kaftans, kimonos, leather jackets, statement denim jackets

Bring anything with fringe, boho patterns, lace detailing and throw it over to complete your outfit and keep you warm for when the sun goes down. The desert is so cold at night. If you have something simple underneath make a statement with a boho kimono or statement denim/fringe jacket.

Photo: @larlarlee

Maxi dresses/Playsuits

I definitely suggest a loose maxi dress for comfort one of the days and just go overboard on the accessories – flower headpieces, body jewellery and bangles.

Photo: @lesliehuhn


My favourite part of festivals! Throw on body chains, broad brim hats, body jewellery, floral headpieces, leather cuffs, chunky accessories and anything to finish off your outfit.

Photo: @hndelavega


Bring a small backpack to pack all your essentials. If you decide to wear heels or platforms – pack flats! And throw a small sweater or jacket in if it’s too hot to wear.

Photo: @hippiegypsystyle


Don’t forget your sunnies! Coachella is in the desert and the glare is intense. Make sure you pack a few in case you lose them and to match them to your outfits each day.

Photo: @jamienkidd

Hope you enjoyed this post about what to wear to Coachella! Please comment below and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Until next time,


Elise xoxo

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